Why MindShield?

In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, everyone is dealing with more daily stress. This chronic stress affects our mental and physical wellbeing, hurts our interpersonal relationships, makes us less effective at our jobs, and more apathetic. MindShield for BrainBurn will give you the tools to mitigate the effects of stress, burnout, and trauma in an easy-to-use and empowering way. In this training, you will learn about your body’s natural stress response and helpful, practical ways to manage your own stress response on a regular basis. With our online learning platform, you can access and practice BrainBurn training anywhere anytime and connect with the MindShield Team who will help you master the tools for a long-lasting solution.


The Professional Fire Fighters of Utah have made Firefighter Behavioral Health a top priority since 2012. Mind Shield has been one of the key ingredients in our ability to produce widespread success within this arena. Our firefighters are comfortable with and therefore utilize this easy to use concept daily with effective results. - Jack Tidrow

The Salt Lake City Fire Department recognizes that firefighting can take an emotional and physical toll, and we prioritize the overall health of our firefighters. Mind Shield has been an important component of our health and wellness program. It provides realistic training and skills that can be used by our personnel both in their professional and personal lives. - Michael Fox

MindShield for BrainBurn